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Our workplace pension services

17th Jan 2017

We carry out a full workplace pension services, from worker assessments through to pension set up and ongoing management of your scheme.

It doesn’t matter which pension scheme you choose you’ll need to involve payroll at some stage. But we can do as much or as little as you want to us to.

We’ve already helped many clients through the full process of setting up, administering and managing a pension. Here is a summary of the services we provide as well as information on the pension providers that we’ve we chosen to partner.

Pre staging

Workforce Assessments

If you’re an existing client of Biznus Payroll we’ll contact you to ask if you’d like us to help you meet your workplace pension obligations. If you’re not a client at the moment please get in touch with us to discuss our services and how we can work together.

What we can help with:

  • Pre-staging workforce assessment based on current payroll data.
  • Guidance on selecting your pension scheme (we can’t recommend a pension scheme as we’re not regulated to give advice by the Financial Conduct Authority).

Pension scheme selection and application

We work with the following pension providers and can submit a pension application direct to these providers on your behalf.

Pension providerCost to youCost to employee (% of pension pot per year)Employee communicationsTax reliefEthical fund options
nest small
None0.3% annual charge
+ 1.8% on each new contribution made
red-cross-iconBasic rategreen-check-icon
£12.50 +VAT per month* for 1-4 employees
£20 +VAT per month* for 5+ employees
0.5% annual charge
+ £1.50 per month**
green-check-iconNet payred-cross-icon
£300 +VAT one off set up fee*0.5%red-cross-iconBasic rategreen-check-icon
Smart pension logo
None0.75%green-check-iconNet payred-cross-icon

There are other pension providers that you can choose from and The Pensions Regulator has a list of providers that are open to small employers.

If you don’t want to choose a pension yourself we work with several partners who can help you to understand your pension options and make recommendations of suitable schemes.

Please talk to us before you make your final decision so that we can make sure the pension provider’s systems are compatible with our own. Software compatibility will ensure the smooth running of your pension set up and ongoing management.

It’s important to involve us when you’re making the decision about which pension to choose so that we can agree which tasks you want to manage yourself and which tasks you want to outsource to us.

Pension Playpen is an pension selection and due diligence tool. If you choose to use this service we will upload your payroll data, apply filters and search for pension providers that meet your criteria.

LPAES offers a range of services such as worker assessment and pension recommendation and will provide a list of four pension recommendations based on your criteria.

Sanlam are independent financial advisers and can give advice about pensions as well as recommendations.

We’ve negotiated discounts with all of the above services so please talk to us before getting in contact.

Post staging

Unfortunately, auto enrolment doesn’t end at your staging date. You have ongoing duties to ensure that you remain compliant. Here’s what we can help you with.

Our ongoing pension management service includes:

  • Declaration of compliance
  • Worker assessments each pay period
  • Opt outs and refunds
  • Opt ins
  • Employee communications
  • Three-yearly re-enrolment
  • Six-year audit trail

We can give you a quote for pension services once we’ve established the level of service you’d like us to provide.

Want some help with your workplace pension?
Biznus Payroll can help you with your pension choices, pension set up and ongoing management.
Get in touch:
01373 228300

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