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For Accountants (and bookkeepers) who don’t want the commitment of managing a payroll service, we offer a full range of Payroll/RTI services, including workplace pensions set-up and administration.

We can deal either directly with your clients or you can outsource the payroll to us on a white-label basis.  Either way, outsourcing the payroll function leaves you free to dedicate yourself to providing tax and other accounting services to your clients.

As an ethical business, we believe in building long-term mutually beneficial working partnerships.  As payroll specialists, we don’t offer accountancy and bookkeeping services so you can be secure in the knowledge that your relationship with your clients won’t be compromised if you work with us.

As we use a variety of payroll software so we can usually find a solution to suit your clients and practice, with the added benefit of journal reporting and depending on the chosen software, API integrations to Xero, Quickbooks and Twinfield to name just a few.

Choose from one of the following ways of working together:

  1. Recommended Payroll Provider

As a Recommended Payroll Provider, we communicate with and invoice the client directly under our own brand Biznus Payroll.

  1. Payroll Partner

As a Payroll Partner, we communicate with the client as Biznus Payroll but will invoice you with our discounted fees for services and you will invoice the client.

  1. Payroll Department

Our payroll service can be tailored so that we appear to be your internal payroll department, we communicate with clients under your brand but will invoice you with our discounted fees for services and you will invoice the client.

Please contact Hayley Whitten MCIPP on 01373 228300 or email hayley@biznuspayroll.co.uk for more information on how we can work together.

Payroll Service Company

Our expert payroll team will tailor our payroll service to suit your business needs. We will:
• Process PAYE Income Tax and National Insurance.
• Provide your staff with payslips
• Deal with HMRC
• Process starters and leavers including P45s
• Produce P60 statements
• Work out sick pay and annual leave

Payroll advice bank

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Workplace pension services

Every employer needs to have a pension scheme in place. We can help you to choose and set up a suitable scheme. We will:
• Assess your workers
• Set up your pension scheme
• Calculate employee and employer contributions
• Carry out ongoing assessment of your workers
• Submit a Declaration of Compliance

Workplace pensions advice bank

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