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Auto enrolment duties don’t always apply

18th Oct 2016

Duties_checkerThere are several reasons why auto enrolment duties might not apply to you.

1)      Your company is made up of only directors who don’t want to join a workplace pension scheme.

2)      Your employees are under 22-years of age or above state pension age.

3)      Your employees earn less than £192 a week or £833 a month.

If these circumstanced apply you’ll continue to get letters from The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and you can’t ignore these as you still have duties.

Use the Duties Checker to see how the rules apply to your circumstances

Even if nobody is likely to join the scheme you’ll need to provide TPR with a contact so they know who to speak to about auto enrolment.

Three months before your staging date you should check to see if anything has changed, for example, if a member of staff has had a birthday or had a pay rise which would mean they qualify for auto enrolment.

Use the Duties Checker to let TPR know that there have been changes.

When you reach your staging date your employees will need to be assessed again to make sure that nobody should be automatically enrolled.

You’ll need to write to your employees within six weeks of your staging date to tell them about the pension scheme.

Employees may ask to join your scheme in which case you’ll need to set up a scheme and enrol the members of staff. This is known as opting in.

Your declaration of compliance must be submitted within five months of your staging date even if you haven’t enrolled anyone into a pension scheme.

Finally, you’ll have ongoing duties such as dealing with opt in and opt out requests and assessing your staff each pay period as well as keeping accurate records.

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